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„LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land"

is an independent project of the two artists Mina Mania and Push Plastic as a reaction to the worldwide Corona crisis.


Uncertainty, fear, loneliness, responsibility and renunciation characterize this time as well as panic reactions, excessive actions, doubts, boredom and unreasonableness. 


Dreams, memories and fantasies seem more important than ever to escape reality.


Welcome to „Yolo Land“!

Mina Mania and Push Plastic are quarantined as the smallest social unit. 

Previously known freedoms must be reinterpreted and lived under these circumstances.

People, it is our time!


„LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land" will be built up in different chapters and reflect their artistic vision of this situation. 


Since the feeling of abrupt powerlessness dominates in the Corona crisis, the artists want to make a statement. 


Costumes/ Performance: Mina Mania Push Plastic

Voice: Tobias Schmidt 

Music: Push Plastic 

Camera/ Editing: Benjamin Held, Duasen

Video mapping: Zootrop



Welcome to Yolo Land


There was life before, memories are still vivid. 

Something strange happened. Everything changed. 

It is the year 202.0 and Mina Mania and Push Plastic awake in a new surrounding, locked down in a place unknown. New strategies are required to adapt to this transformation. 

They will have to unfold their possibilities while being trapped in this cocoon.

Welcome to „Yolo Land“! 

Darkness shall turn into light


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The Corona protective suits were specially designed by Mina Mania and Push Plastic.  In close cooperation they sewed two full body suits from old shopping bags, which have all kinds of helpful features and mystical items. 

Get ready for many surprises!



The dark room in which Mina Mania and Push Plastic awaken is unknown to them.  

They do not know where they are, but they know that they are quarantined.  

Little by little they get familiar with their new surroundings and discover things that make life more pleasant for them.




Thanks to the appearance of a yologram, the two protagonists Mina Mania and Push Plastic learn that a lot has changed in the world they used to know. 

They see deserted squares and subways, the whole of Berlin is as extinct. 

Where have all these people gone and what are they doing?



The art project "LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land" by

Mina Mania and Push Plastic deals with the issue of social isolation in times of Corona. 

All over the world people are put into quarantine to stem the spread of the novel virus. 

The threat is invisible and omnipresent, so each individual has an enormous responsibility towards his or her environment. 

The effects of the lockdown are multiple. From fatal social and economic consequences to the development of a completely different attitude to life. 

The previously known everyday life with its associated freedoms no longer exists. 

Public life is paralysed and private personal contacts are limited to the smallest possible unit. 

Feelings such as confusion, insecurity, fear, loneliness, doubt, helplessness and lack of freedom play a major role in this process. 


For many people, however, this situation also holds opportunities. 

The discovery of previously hidden abilities and interests, the processing of incidents in the creative process. Adapting to new life circumstances and recognizing them as a source of inspiration for new projects. 

Deceleration and introspection lead to other questions and new directions. 


It is an experience that Mina Mania and Push Plastic have. 

The two artists share a studio in Berlin and due to the fact that they are locked down together they have come to an intensive process of finding ideas. 

Through the mental examination of the Corona crisis, a common vision emerged which formed the art project "LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land".

The two artists are versatile and break new creative ground. 


When the pandemic is declared, there are some remarkable changes in people's social behaviour, which are particularly striking in terms of their themes. 

In a world that seems so controllable powerlessness, fear and desperation take hold. 

Among other things, exaggerated panic reactions come into the focus of the media. 

Hamster purchases, war over toilet paper and of course a whole series of internet parodies of current events in supermarkets attract attention. 

People use extremely creative means to retain their small freedoms in times of social distancing and travel bans in order to live out their plans or at least pretend to. 


Welcome to the realm of fantasy! 

Welcome to „Yolo Land“! 


More important than ever are now the wandering around in memories and an imaginary created retreat to escape the hard to bear reality. 

The "Yolo Land" by Mina Mania and Push Plastic describes such a parallel world.

The two artists have sewn two impressive Corona protective suits from used shopping bags and created the matching masks. 

With a wink they followed their first impulse: Protection!

The Corona protective suits are at the same time multifunctional and allow their wearers to retain a wide variety of freedoms. 


Mina Mania and Push Plastic want to tell their story. 

The idea of their independent series "LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land" is born. 

As protagonists of the series, they create their own personal image of the lockdown experience and their vision of freedom. Both protected and trapped in their suits.


Cohesion, support and motivation is a central aspect of this project for the duo. 

Artists and creative people are severely affected by the economic consequences of the crisis. 

But right now it seems that art and culture are more important to many than ever before.


With their series "LOCKDOWN Welcome to Yolo Land", Mina Mania and Push Plastic would like to make a meaningful contribution for artists and people interested in culture. 

„Yolo Land“ stands for their creative cocoon, in which they develop their possibilities and create new perspectives.


This includes especially creative impulses from outside to which they give an important place. 

Invited artists are encouraged to contribute in the form of video messages. 

These contributions will appear to Mina Mania and Push Plastic as „yolograms" in their closed space and provide for an inspiring exchange.

Minamania und Push Plastic
Minamania und Push Plastic

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Minamania und Push Plastic
Minamania und Push Plastic

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darkness shall turn into light
darkness shall turn into light

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Minamania und Push Plastic
Minamania und Push Plastic

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