A yolo style shopping experience  just in time for Christmas



Inspired by everyday madness, absurd experiences and provocative performances paired with a lot of imagination, Mina Mania and Push Plastic experience "Yolo" adventures on paper. These drive them further and further on the journey into the "land of unlimited possibilities".

The butterfly has been an important symbolic component of the "Yolo" sketches from the very beginning. It has the function of trivializing the sceneries, is a sympathetic figure and symbolizes metamorphosis and constant change.


Mina Mania and Push Plastic are to be seen like two butterflies that are constantly undergoing a symbolic metamorphosis to start a new adventure.

Their creative cocoon is their studio, the "Yolo Land".     A meeting place for many creative people, where ideas are born, pictures are painted, outfits are sewn and music is made.

The transition phase between two adventures is symbolized by the neutral, black outfits and black masks of Mina Mania and Push Plastic. The medium that grants them access to a new universe are the upcycling costumes they sew themselves.


Mina Mania and Push Plastic are of the opinion that everyday objects are often not appreciated.

Shopping bags in particular are among them. Unfortunately these often end up in the garbage.

They have decided to create a "Yolo Fashion" line, which they design and sew themselves from used shopping bags. Wow!